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Zig Version Manager

Easily install/upgrade between different versions of Zig.

Next steps

Install Zig Seamlessly

Install any version of Zig and seamlessly switch between them.

Switch Between Zig Versions with Ease!

With custom version map support, you an install any falvor of Zig. Support for Mach is built in.

Install ZLS, the Zig Language Server

Just add --zls to your install and ZVM will handle the rest.

RAnd so much more!

Learn more about ZVM and Zig in the the ZVM Docs.

Meet ZVM

Why does Zig Need a Version Manager?

Zig Version Manager (zvm) is a tool for managing your Zig installs. With std under heavy development and a large feature roadmap, Zig is bound to continue changing. Breaking existing builds, updating valid sytax, and introducing new features like a package manager. While this is great for developers, it also can lead to headaches when you need multiple versions of a language installed to compile your projects, or a language gets updated frequently.

Why Should I Use ZVM?

While Zig is still pre-1.0 if you’re going to stay up-to-date with the master branch, you’re going to be downloading Zig quite often. You could do it manually, having to scoll around to find your appropriate version, decompress it, and install it on your $PATH. Or, you could install ZVM and run zvm i master every time you want to update. zvm is a static binary under a permissive license. It supports more platforms than any other Zig version manager. Its only dependency is tar on Unix-based systems. Whether you’re on Windows, MacOS, Linux, a flavor of BSD, or Plan 9 zvm will let you install, switch between, and run multiple versions of Zig.